Friday, February 17, 2012

Kerrigan progress 2.17.2012

So I've been busy plugging away at Kerrigan trying to get as much done due to my circumstances.  Since my plans to stay living where I currently am does not provide the space needed to do the body casting/sculpting/casting fun-ness I have to stick with the smaller pieces in the meantime.  I finished the sculpt on my left hand about a month ago and went ahead and casted it.

I made an Ultracal mould for my hand appliance on this hand other than the urethane jacket mould I did on the other hand, just as an experiment.  However, fun fact: even though Ultracal is MUCH stronger than Plaster of Paris, it can still break.  i.e. the missing pinky.  I had some trouble with this mould because I did not release it properly which made getting the actual mould off really diffiicult.  I was lucky to actually get it off but the cost was cracking my mold.  I will most likely on all of my other SILICONE appliances us a jacket mould so I don't risk breaking another mould : (  .

I used a mix of green, yellow, and flesh tones to give me a muted green look to my silicone.

This color is not final by any means.  This is just my base color that I needed.  I will blend all of the edges and I also decided that I wanted to use as much of my real hand as possible.  There will be a lot of heat due to the coverage of this costume so even a little bit of ventilation will go a long way!  I will be getting fake fingernails to give me kerrigans "talon"-like nails but not as long.  Again, for the sake of functionality and comfort of wear.  Also I don't want to poke my eye out if I am trying to itch my nose!

Beginning shape of the neck.

Stage 2: Added much more texture

other side of Stage 2

Front stage 2

Stage 3: refined some of the textures and added more

Overall look of Stage 3

I could go further but the paint job will really help bring out the sculpt and add quite a bit to the piece so I am not going to mess with it much more.  I am going to make another Ultracal mold (but be much more careful and release it properly!) since I will be making this piece out of liquid latex.

I decided to make the neck out of liquid latex because I am doing a kind of different process I came up with.  I wanted to have liquid latex be my "skin" while underneath where there was a lot of build up, it to be flexible foam.  I know there is foam latex, however I do not have the space, time, or money to build an oven required for foam latex.  So instead for the body I am going to add several layers of liquid latex to be the "skin" and on the second to last layer going to add cotton balls to dry in the liquid latex so the flexible foam will have something to stick to.  Then mix up my two part flexible foam and pour it into the mold and close it in with a fiberglass copy of my body.

I will be posting more fun stuff soon-ish :)

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