Thursday, March 15, 2012

I did something productive!

So I finally was able to get to something this week due to it being spring break and all so I was able to make Kerrigan's neck piece!  As a disclaimer, when I made my Hydrocal mold the clay wall sunk down and created what is called an undercut and I had to break my mold to get it off of my life cast :( sad day!  However I used an epoxy clay called milliput to resculpt the detail lost due to the massive crack, and that is what the green stuff is.  I put some on my lifecast as well because there was some surface damage to it during the move.

First I took my mold, and I didn't need to release it because I will be using just plain ol' liquid latex so it will peel right up!

 This is after 3 brushed in layers. I brushed in and dried each of them separately until they were dry but still tacky so each layer will bond to each other. You want to do at least 3 layers so it is thick enough.  A hairdryer speeds up this process, it will air dry but the thicker it is the longer it takes.
Naturally, the brush you do this with will go to paintbrush heaven because there is pretty much no way to save it.
 When it is built up thick enough you want to powder the back of it with talc powder to get rid of the tackiness.  Since latex sticks to itself really bad, you don't want it to do that while you are trying to peel it up!  Peel slowly and you'll get it off!
 This is what it looks like!  I powdered the front for the same reason.  I stuck it on really quickly just with some spirit gum, I'll blend all of the edges when I do a full test run.  I am going to be making some back up ones as well so I don't accidently rip it and have to remake it completely just in case my mold breaks (I'm sure it will, its already cracked : / )
I am pretty happy with it, it actually picked up all of the detail I sculpted and I would take a pic of that...but my iPhone camera is only so good.  I am so excited!  I will try and make a video of casting my feet, but no guarentees, since the person who would be holding it, is going to be the one casting :D.  I am so excited I just want to keep making a lot of progress, but money seems to be a constant issue.  I guess if I was that concerned, I would make cheaper costumes, but I definitely like taking my time with costumes I make, and I do smaller ones during down time.  Oh the glories of being a full time college student while only making $8.00/hr
Until next time!

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