Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kerrigan progress 3.25.12

So the burst of motivation continues!  I decided to sculpt a forehead prosthetic for the spikes that come out of her head before they turn into her insect leg dreadlocks.

I did something a little different...I wanted to use Friendly Plastic but was forced to think of using something else because you apparently can't find the pellets anywhere in my town or surrounding area so I decided I would try some good ol' fashion oven bake clay.  I chose kato polyclay.
I read somewhere that is supposedly bakes harder.  The nice thing, I got this little 2 oz batch for all of $1.99 instead of $20 I would have spent on Friendly Plastic!  So I sculpted each spike out and laid them in a pan that I covered in tin foil. And baked it for approximately 10 minutes at 350 degrees F. Then I stuck them into my roughed out sculpt.  I did not develop my sculpt completely until I knew where I would be putting the spikes.  I did it randomly and A-symmetrical on purpose because naturally spikes wouldn't come out in a set pattern.

texture detail

It is a bit picture heavy but I like showing the whole process, if I remember to document it well enough :) !! I will probably be molding this in the near future and I will be working on the dreads as well!  So expect to see some more progress in the near future!  As always if there are any questions feel free to comment!

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