Sunday, June 17, 2012

I haven't forgotten!

Hey guys, I promise I haven't forgotten about y'all!  I was excitedly working on my mold for my dreads when things kept my massive  mold breaking thus ruining the dreads I had sculpted as well. YAY FOR LEARNING! Also when I got done molding the spikes that come out of her forehead my boyfriend and I decided to do a test fitting with some of the bad casts (just in case they got destroyed in the process, some of my molds are on their last leg and I don't wanna push it!).  We applied the neck piece and the forehead spikes one.  Well...I wasn't very happy with the forehead.  The neck went on great but I sculpted the forehead too low, the edges were bad and the blending was a nightmare so 1/2 a step forward, 5 steps back.  So I have to resculpt the dreads, I am going to mold those in a much smaller mold, cast each of the dreads individually then run heavy fishing line through them before I attach them to the wig.  I just got done resculpting the spikes today and they are currently sitting in their urethane jacket mold.  I also resculpted the spikes to be in small groups as opposed to one big prosthetic.  So that will make life a lot easier so I can put the groups where ever I want and it won't be an issue : )  I will also be trying a watermelon vinyl bald cap here soon and will post a review on that once I get some in!  I'm excited!
More posts incoming soon!

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