Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kerrigan feet progress and other updates

So about those dreads....I got my massive stone mold done and started to cast the dreads as a chain of dreads out of a latex skin and expanding flexible foam...did I mention expanding? WELL it expanded so much that it busted my mold...completely. Not only that but it also ruined my dread positives as well so I had to start from square one on those. However, I re-sculpted the dreads and they are awaiting funds to appear so I can try again. Only smarter this time. I am kind of glad that the mold busted because the way that single chain acted more like a pool noodle and less like a rubber hose. Plus the latex was peeling away from the foam! So I am going with a completely different material that is a little more expensive but will have a chemical bond instead of relying on a mechanical one (I put cotton into the latex so it would give the foam something to grab onto).

That is neither here nor there. Here is some pics of my progress on kerrigan's feet, which will be molded and cast at the same time as the dreads! YAY FOR CHRISTMAS MONEY!

As always, feel free to comment! I love reading them!

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